Flight Rising AU + Fritz + Zariya
2023.02 Fritz #blood

From when I very badly needed to be euthanized. (Still hasn’t happened, FYI.) Lab PPE blunders aside, I like how the varied state of dishevelment here implies these were from two separate occasions of operating with his lilac ass out.

2023.02 Fritz/Zariya #lingerie (x2)

2021.06 Fritz #heels (x2)

Don’t mind me, just putting the boyf in normal innocuous business attire. Why were your legs already waxed for this, Fritzchen...
I love when little toe creases show in heels... you think you're fancy but you still got secret paws.

2021.06 Fritz #hemipenes

"Is this necessary? Es ist erst Montag..."
Hemipenes are like those tents that unfold and once they're out of the carrying case you're not sure how you're ever going to put them back.

False Edge + Fiend, mostly
2022.12 Fiend #blood (x2)

Mapping out the old territory… I’m not horny but I can be for Procreate brushes.

2021.10 Fiend #goop #sick

This happened to me and I needed to process my trauma by making it sexy.

2021.08 Fiend #southmouth #softvore

I refuse to miss another Vore Day. I also refuse to do it correctly.
I do not understand the distended belly thing. But I'll try anything thrice.

2020.11 Fiend #boots #snuff (x2)

No reason to waste an apple.

2020.09 Al/Fiend #bodyswap #southmouth

So back when I was drawing Al and Fiend body-swapped, I got to thinking... this is the only circumstance in which they would agree to fuck.

2020.04 Fiend #boobs (x2)

Exploring the concept of Fiend with tits. They're happy about 'em, it's the outfit they're not sure about.


2020.03 Fiend #boots

You're not fit to lick your own blood off my boots!

2020.01 Fiend #goop #sick #southmouth (x2)

Devil's Favorite Sons + The Czars
2020.09 Al/Fiend #southmouth
2020.08 Al #smack
2020.06 Al #cbt #blood #bruise (x2)
2020.06 Al #blood

2020.06 Al, Xav, Jack #blood #torture

2022.03 Flight Rising Aberration #breeding

So uh. Those new two-headed dragons, am I right.

I always liked the idea of FR dragons thinking about breeding like a player would– more strategic than romantic. And then Abbies come along AS A BREED saying “we gotta make the strongest, coolest, most fucked-up babies to prove our worth to Plaguemommy” and oh my god. You’re adorable.

Anyway, do four consciousnesses necessarily make an orgy.

2020.04 NeonJawbone's Victor #beheading (x3)